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Pantalica has partnered with the Canaima Global Opportunities fund to contact Venezuela’s creditors in the Brazilian and Paraguayan markets
Focused on distressed debt, the fund will act on behalf of these investors and companies to get their resources back. In this video, Pantalica partner Salvatore Milanese explains the partnership.
Venezuela debt fund dispute triggers legal action
UK distressed debt specialist Illiquidx filed legal proceedings against asset manager Altana Wealth and consultancy firm Brevent Advisory in July, it revealed recently. Illiquidx has accused the firms of breach of contract and confidence in relation to the Altana Credit Opportunities Fund SPF (the ACOF Fund).
Al via il Fondo Canaima, a tutela dei creditori del Venezuela
By adnkronos.com Per i possessori di titoli tossici venezuelani è arrivato il momento di salvaguardare i capitali investiti. Sul mercato esiste infatti una soluzione che non molti conoscono eppure ha tutti i presupposti per funzionare. Il veicolo è un fondo. Si chiama Canaima Global Opportunities, dal nome di un parco naturale venezuelano, e si ...
Venezuela Bondholders Launch New Distressed-Debt Fund
A group of Venezuela creditors is launching a new fund focused on distressed debt. The Canaima Global Opportunities Fund, named after a Venezuelan national park, will focus on defaulted, U.S.- sanctioned notes from the South American country, said Celestino Amore, the managing director of IlliquidX, a London-based distressed-debt brokerage firm ...
Illiquidx joins the pannel for NPL Europe 2020 – 5 March 2020
Celestino Amore, Managing Director at Illiquidx, joined pannel for the 10th edition of the NPL Europe to share Illiquidx experience in building leading online platform for illiquid assets, and discuss future trends affecting online sales platforms for NPLs.