Transparent – Access to a large pool of potential buyers for holders of illiquid and distressed assets

Best opportunities – Buyers no longer need to hunt around a fragmented market; gain access to a one-stop shop for a wide array of potential acquisitions in a global market

6,000+ and counting worldwide participants – Including asset management firms, investment funds, pension funds, family offices, private wealth clients, banks and corporates

Proprietary web-based platform – Exclusive access for IlliquidX clients only

Complete listings of illiquid assets – Bid and offer info for specific listings, ISIN/CUSIP codes and relevant documentation included

Active listing management – Enhance awareness of new listings and asset price moves. Our team alerts buyers to new opportunities via email, instant messaging and telephone

Three Steps to Liquidity

  1. Register your Account

    Provide personal information to create an account on the IlliquidX platform

  2. Complete the Onboarding Process

    Our team will help you complete the necessary procedures

  3. Access Liquidity

    Submit your holdings and view prices for illiquid securities