• Convert your claim to cash
  • Free yourself from bankruptcy process
  • No commitment. No lockup.
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Iliquidx operates an exchange for bankruptcy claims. We offer rapid liquidity, and our matching engine guarantees fair and accurate pricing. Iliquidx makes markets work.

How it Works

  1. Register Claim

    Specify the debtor company, your account or claim type, the face value of your claim and your contact details

  2. Evaluate Offer

    IlliquidX will contact you to make an offer and assist you in the due diligence process

  3. Strike a Deal

    Agree to a price that works for you and sell your claim for cash


What are the benefits of selling your claim to IlliquidX?

Immediate liquidity, efficient settlement, and a known recovery price.

Why sell now instead of waiting for the Chapter 11 process to conclude?

Recovery levels may decrease due to increasing administrative costs, changes to the restructuring plan, and regulatory changes.

Why IlliquidX?

Illiquidx is an FCA-regulated firm with a physical office in London and a 15-year track record of trading in illiquid assets.

Is there any guarantee of making a trade?

No, all offers are subject to documentation.

How long will settlement take?

Once documentation due diligence is complete, settlement will take place as soon as possible, typically 1-10 days.

What documentation is required?

Proof of claim and account/holding details.

What form will the distribution take?

All offers are made in cash.

What if I am unsure what to do with my claim?

Our team of experienced professionals is always available to provide you with more details about the case relevant to you.

What if recovery decreases during the bankruptcy process?

Once settlement is complete, your payout is certain and will not change regardless of any changes to the bankruptcy plan.

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