Go liquid!

If you're a distressed seller of an illiquid asset in a market panic, it's worse than being trapped in a crowded theatre that's on fire. It's like being trapped in a crowded theatre that's on fire, and the only way you can get out is by persuading someone outside to swap places with you.

About Us

Illiquidx Limited (Illiquidx) is an innovative independent financial services boutique specialised in illiquid markets, which caters to institutional, professional and high net worth investors. The firm's activities concentrate in two areas: Sales & Trading and Advisory.

Key Capabilities

  • Sales & Trading
  • Valuation, workout services and sale
  • Generating Liquidity
  • Settlement
  • Clearing, Administration & PB

Product Coverage

  • Proprietary web-based system

    Exclusive access for Illiquidx clients only

  • 5000+ and counting

    Worldwide participants. Include asset management firms, investment funds, pension funds, family offices, private banks, commercial banks and corporates

  • Transparent

    Access to a large pool of potential buyers for holders of illiquid and distressed assets

  • Active listing management

    Enhance awareness of new listings and asset price moves. Our team alerts buyers to new opportunities via email, instant messaging and telephone