Your portal to illiquid assets

Who we are

Illiquidx is an innovative independent financial services boutique specialised in illiquid markets, which caters to institutional, professional and high net worth investors. The firm’s activities focus on two areas: Sales & Trading and Advisory.

Our extensive network of contacts and our approach to, and expertise in, trading, settlement and corporate restructuring, ensure we can add significant value to our clients in resolving liquidity and execution issues within illiquid and distressed markets.

  • Sales & Trading
  • Generating Liquidity
  • Advisory

Product Coverage

Distressed and/or defaulted debt

  • Bonds – government, credit, covered and MBS
  • Loans – real estate bank loans and NPL
  • Bankruptcy claims

Structured products

  • CDOs, CLOs, CSOs
  • Steepeners, CMS and other inflation-linked products

Illiquid equities and equity derivatives

  • Private and public; common and preferred equity
  • Convertible bonds, warrants

Other illiquid securities and assets

  • Side Pockets and LP Stakes

High yield debt

  • Bonds – credit and financials subordinated tiers

Current client Focus

  • UK, Continental Europe, Japan and Emerging Markets